George Fairbairn

I've been taking photographs of buses pretty well since I was able to ho;d a camera.  I started with an Instamatic 25; I graduated through a 35mm viewfinder camera to various SLRs including Practikas and Minoltas.  After a hiatus in the 1990s and early 2000s I doscovered digital phtography.

Nowadays my interest has moved on from the traditional front 3/4 view, to making images which illustrate the bus in its context.  These large lumbering heaps of metal fill our cityscapes yet are taken so much for granted that they might as well be invisible.  I like to show people in relationship to the buses that transport them or someitnes get in their way; the staff that operate them and the passengers they carry.

You can find many more of my images on Flickr:

You can also buy a book of my Edinburgh bus photographs foprm the 1970s: